Honoring our Seniors

As a way to celebrate our team and appreciate our seniors, we hold a banquet usually in the spring towards the end of the year. Each year I have been here, it has been held in different places. My freshman year we held it at a Japanese hibachi restaurant which was probably my favorite because the food was super delicious. This banquet has also been held at Plymouth Tavern and in a private room at Egan. The point of this banquet is for us to come together and enjoy each other’s company one last time before the senior leave school and join the real world. We sit in groups and reminisce about our time with the seniors and the Mercyhurst field hockey program. We also talk about the seniors and their plans for after graduation.

The coaches and our athletic trainers attend our banquet as well. At Mercyhurst, we are lucky enough to have an athletic trainer assigned to us for our entire season. This trainer takes care of all our injuries (mostly physical but sometimes mental too), and they get to travel to away games with us. Typically, these trainers are only with us for one season, but we got to keep our most recent trainer for two seasons. For the past two years, our trainer has been Maria, and she has done a phenomenal job. There have been multiple times where she has gone way above and beyond what is asked of her. I truly have been very grateful for her presence because she does a wonderful job. She is a fantastic friend and easy to talk to. Yes, it is part of her job to care about my well-being, but she also genuinely cares about me and how I feel. I feel extremely fortunate to end my senior year with her as my trainer.

At these banquets, our coaches hand out different awards for things like hardest working player, the MVP of the team, and the most improved player. In addition, the underclassman put together a PowerPoint to honor the seniors, and it is full of photos of them. These photos include team activities and pictures of them playing field hockey. Usually, some pictures are of the seniors when they were freshman, and I enjoy seeing how they have grown. Lastly, the seniors have the opportunity to get up in front of the rest of the team and share what they have learned during their time at Mercyhurst. I am going to be sad when I have to give my speech.


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