Community Service

Being a part of the Mercyhurst University field hockey team has allowed me many opportunities to participate in community service. Our coach as well as our school puts a big emphasis on giving back to the community.

One of my favorite events that the field hockey team participated in was called the “Buddy Walk”. One Saturday morning in the spring, we drove to the Penn State Behrend, and on that particular day it was rather rainy outside. We were directed to the gym where we met a bunch of kids with down syndrome. We ended dancing with them and having a great time. We were supposed to walk outside with these kids, but since the weather did not cooperate that day we walked about 10 circles around Penn State Behrend’s indoor gym. Overall, it was a great experience, and I would participate in an event like this again.


Another fun community service activity we participated in had to do with one of the local elementary schools. The administrators wanted to encourage kids to be excited about school, so they wanted to make the first day of school more like a red carpet event. Our job as volunteers was to stand around each entrance to the school and to cheer and clap as the kids walked to class on the first day of school. We held balloons and high-fived the kids on their way into school. Some of the kids were so excited to be there while others still dreaded being a school.


Another community service event I have participated in includes visiting the veterans’ hospital that is a block away from the school. We made them Valentine’s Day cards, and then we handed them out at the hospital. It was cool meeting them and hearing their story. I personally have also volunteered at the Tom Ridge Center where I did odds jobs for them that included mulching, weeding, and picking up sticks. I like volunteering because it feels good to give back to someone else. As a result of my community service experiences here at Mercyhurst, I would like to continue to look for ways I can give back as I move forward with my life. I think it is important to have these experiences as a reminder that we are all human, and we have the ability to help one another out. It does not matter what your background is because you have some sort of talent that can help someone else out.


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