Field Hockey Equipment

I realize that maybe I should have posted about field hockey equipment sooner, but I had assumed that most of you reading this blog are somewhat familiar with the sport. To those of you who aren’t, let me inform you. In order to play the game of field hockey, you need a few essential pieces of equipment. First, and most importantly, you need a field hockey stick. Depending on what area you are from, this task might be harder than you think. For example, if you were to walk into the Erie Sports store, you would probably not find field hockey sticks to choose from. However, the Dicks Sports Goods and sports stores like it near my hometown sell a select variety of sticks. The price of a field hockey stick can range anywhere from $30 to $450; the price difference depends on several different variables.  These variables include: length, weight, skill level, composition, and the bow which is the curve of the stick. What kind of stick you are you looking for? Harrow’s website does a good job of explaining how to pick the perfect stick for yourself (Harrow is a brand that makes field hockey sticks). It also just depends on your preference and what kind of stick you like to play with. Personally, I have had multiple brands of sticks, but my favorite brand has been Gryphon. I like the way the stick feels in my hands when I play. I have a heavier stick which helps me to hit the ball with more power.

The second most important piece of equipment is the field hockey ball itself. You cannot play if you don’t have a ball. A field hockey ball is similar to a lacrosse ball expect that it is less bouncy and made out of hard plastic. They can be any color you want, but the most common colors are white, orange, and yellow.

The third most important piece of equipment is a mouth guard. Sometimes, playing field hockey can get dangerous, and I have seen girls get hit in the face several times. And a ball or a stick to the face is just as likely to happen in practice as it is in a game. I, myself, have even been hit in the face with a stick, and trust me, that was not a fun experience. If it had not been for my mouth guard, I would have lost my teeth, but lucky for me that did not happen.

Other important pieces of equipment include shin guards and turf shoes. The best kind of shin guards are made of hard plastic, and they keep your shins from acquiring multiple bruises. Also, turf shoes help you to grip the turf better which is helpful when you need to change direction quickly when you are running at a fast pace. In some cases, players like to where gloves to better protect their hands. Additionally, players may wear face masks on certain plays like corners because a ball is more likely to be flying at them.



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