The Concession Stand

One way the Mercyhurst field hockey team fundraises in our off-season is by running the concession stand at winter sports events. So, you can find us at any home men’s or women’s basketball game (we even occasionally work high school games) or wrestling tournament in the Mercyhurst Athletic Center otherwise known as the MAC. Seniors typically do not have to work any concession stand shifts because they have already put in their time working the concession stand. We still have enough girls to cover every shift, and usually one shift last about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

In previous years, running this concessions stand was a pain the in butt because there was no assigned place for concessions. We had to arrive extra early to set up tables to put food on, prepare cooking pots to make hot dogs, carry up the popcorn machine from storage, and fill coolers with ice to keep drinks cold. Ask any alumni, and they will agree with me. Plus, sitting in the lobby of the MAC gets cold especially when it is snowing outside because people are always walking in and out of the lobby doors.

However, running the concession stand has become much easier. Over one summer break, the school decided to build us our own concession stand. Now, we have a small fridge and a place to permanently keep the popcorn machine. The stand itself is not very big and there is barely enough room for 3-4 people. However, there is lots of cabinet space to store food and other essential supplies like napkins. We even have a small TV to advertise our menu options.

My biggest complaint about our concession stand is that we have no way of seeing any of the game. We can hear the crowd cheering for each team and the buzzer going off to signal the end of a half, but we cannot see any of the action. Every now and then we have a girl leave the stand to check out the score. When no one comes to own stand, we entertain ourselves by talking to each other.

The busy time for the concession stand is half-time of the basketball game. Fans rush over to grab a quick snack like a hot dog, popcorn, or candy. We also sell Gatorade, soda, and water, and on occasion, we sell coffee and hot chocolate. So, next time you attend a Mercyhurst basketball game or wrestling match stop by our concession stand!



Above are some of my teammates working the concession stand.


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