What Happens in Spring Season

Spring season begins with the lovely early morning workouts that I have mentioned in a previous post. Yet, these morning workouts are not the only part of spring season. The NCAA which stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association makes up all the rules related to all college sports. In the spring, they allow us to practice for about 8 hours per week for a few weeks.  By that point in the spring season, most of us are ready to go outside and play field hockey. Not many of us are able to pick up our sticks and practice over winter break because either we do not have anywhere to practice on our own or no friends to shoot around with us.

A spring practice is very similar to a practice we would have during season with a couple major differences. First, none of the seniors come to these practice because they are busy living up the rest of their senior year. As a result, we have less people to practice with which typically means a lot more moving and running for the rest of the team. Second, spring season is the time of year where everyone tries every position, so you never know where you might be playing. A defensive player might be put into an offensive position or vice versa. The only exceptions to this standard are the goalies because they are goalies and most likely not going to be changing position anytime soon.

These spring practices are not the only time we are able to pick up sticks and play field hockey. On the weekends, the Mercyhurst field hockey team gets invited to many different tournaments against teams we typically play during our regular fall season. Sometimes the tournaments are at schools like IUP or Slippery Rock which is relatively close to Merychurst, but other times they are farther away.

Two of the years I have been here, we were able to travel to Hummelstown, PA to play against the top competitive teams. This trip is relatively long for our team, but it is worth the distance to play these top teams. It is help to know how we compare to these teams because it might help us to beat them in the fall when we play them again. I liked traveling to Hummelstown because in the past Coach has let us stop at Hershey’s Chocolate World which is one of my favorite places. I mean how can you not love milk chocolate?



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