Preparing for Spring Season

The end of field hockey season does not mean that we do not do anything until next season starts. We are required to have approximately two weeks off before we are allowed to meet as a team with our coach. As soon as your season is over and you have rested the allotted amount of time, your next move is to start preparing for next season.  Our spring season helps us to prepare for the upcoming season. We are a little restricted because NCAA has rules about how much time were are allowed to spend together as a team with our coach, but you are not really restricted in what you can do individually. Lots of us do go on runs together, work on footwork, or do some lifting.

Personally, I like to take about a week off of working out and playing field hockey. It is important that my body is able to rest, and usually I need some time to catch up on my homework. We typically end our season near a time when lots of projects and papers are soon due. After a week has passed, I force myself to find some time to go to the gym. I do not follow an exact workout plan, but I tend to mirror what we might do in an early morning workout. This way I can prepare myself mentally. For example, my first day back at the gym I will run 3 miles as fast as a can because from experience I know that is the run we do on the first day of winter workouts. Sometimes, I also do some lifting, but I do not do a lot of it. I am still learning how to properly lift, so I am not always comfortable lifting on my own plus I would rather have a partner to lift with. However, I have gotten a lot better at it over my years in the Mercyhurst field hockey program. Occasionally, I go to the gym twice a day because I like to be active, and I do not have a lot of homework to do. If I do go to the gym for a second time, it is so I can play basketball with some of my friends or to just hit around with a ball and field hockey stick.

I have found it is a lot easier to be motivated to go to the gym if you have a buddy to go with you. I always force my sister to go with me because she can usually keep me accountable for continuing to go. So, if you find yourself needing to be motivated, force a teammate to go with you!IMG_8145.JPG


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