Morning Workouts

“Morning workouts are such a joy, and I wish we could do them every day!” said no one ever. Morning workouts to me are a pain in the butt. I strongly dislike getting up a 5 a.m. three times a week in the spring semester to work out as a team because I am not much of a morning person. I think the worst part of morning workouts is walking to the gym in the morning especially in the Erie winter. Most of the time, it is freezing cold, and the sides walks are covered with snow because the maintenance workers are just getting up to clear them. On top of that, it is windy which blows the snow into your face, so by the time you even get to the gym you are basically an icicle. In my latter years, I have gotten smart, and my roommates and I have ended up driving to the gym.

The second part I don’t like about morning workouts is the anxiety that comes with it. At the beginning of spring season, it is impressed upon the team the importance of always being on time to morning workouts. I can never get a great night sleep beforehand because I become way too anxious that I won’t wake up and that means it could be my fault that the team will be punished. My anxiety was way worse when I did not live with any of my teammates. I would wake up almost every hour convinced it was time to get up and go to the gym. Once, I woke up two hours after I had gone to bed and I started getting ready to go before I realized that it was not time yet.

One key factor that will help to make these workouts less painful is to be sure that you are properly hydrated and fed. Typically, I make sure to drink water before bed. Sometimes, I would also eat before bed because usually I can only eat a granola bar before exercising so early in the morning.

Most of our work out consisted of running and/or lifting. The first day we start, we always have to run 3 miles in under 24 minutes. If you don’t pass this run, you have to run it again on an off day again and again until you pass. That goes for any run test you are not able to pass. My favorite activity we have done during these exercising sessions is spin. I hadn’t done spin before, but I really enjoyed it because running on the treadmill got very monotonous.

The best part about early morning workouts is breakfast at Egan afterwards with my teammates. I always drink 2-3 cups of chocolate to re-hydrate myself. Afterwards, we go back to take showers and start the second part of our day.


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