During field hockey season, we have a rule that states no one is allowed to go home on the weekends or during the week. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as a sick grandparent, death in the family, or some really important family event. However, it is up the discretion of Coach Gaudette whether or not you are allowed to go home because you have to have permission from her. With that being said, not many of us ever go home during season, so it can be easy to get homesick especially if you do not see your family for long periods of time. As a freshman, it was not hard for me to get use to this rule because I lived five hours away which makes it hard to go home for a weekend. As I got older, I also just got used to the idea of not going home during season. It was quite a different story for the girls from Buffalo or closer areas because their drive home was much closer than mine.

Usually for me, I am good at distracting myself from missing my family. I keep myself busy by doing homework, tutoring, visiting friends, or even watching Netflix; otherwise, I would want to drive home a lot more often than I do.  I arrive on the Mercyhurst campus in the middle of August, and I do not come home again until Thanksgiving. I think I have mentioned it before, but we are not even allowed to go home for fall break which has never really bothered me. I never felt that fall break was long enough to go home. In contrast, by the time it gets closer to Thanksgiving I start getting antsy and just want to be home.  It is hard for me to be patient especially because every year since I have been at Mercyhurst it has snowed when I want to leave for home.  Erie weather sometimes makes it hard to get home. I have to practice self-control and drive slowly so I can make it home in one piece.

When I actually get home, the rest of break I do not go farther than 5-10 minutes away from my house. I like to spend my break sleeping and spending time with my family. For example, instead of Black Friday shopping my mother, my sisters, and I spend the day decorating our entire house for Christmas. I usually save only one of the last days of break for catching up on all the homework my professors assigned. Thanksgiving break never feels like it is long enough, but at least I know I only have three more weeks at school!



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