Loyal Fans

Having family members and friends show up at your games is very exciting. You get to show off your skill as a field hockey play. Plus, even if your loved ones are not very familiar with the sport, they tend to be impressed with how you do anyways. You know you are being supported by the people you love playing the sport you love. Most of us can spot our friends and family from miles away, so we know if you are there or not. I know we are supposed to be solely focused on the game at hand, but most times it is too hard to resist checking to see who came to your game. On a quick side note, I love when my teammate’s families bring their dogs to our games. Dogs are one of my favorite animals, so anytime I get to see one and pet it I get very excited even though it makes me miss my dog at home.

For me, I live five hours away from school, so my parents do not come to many home games.Instead, my close friends support me and attend my home games. In the picture above, my best friend Janelle came to see my game. It meant a lot me because she absolutely hates cold weather (she is from Jamaica), but she loved me enough to sit outside and watch me play.

Most of my team is from Buffalo, New York so we do get a good deal of fans for home games because Buffalo is fairly close. After a home game on the weekend, many times we have a tailgate where the family and friends of the team socialize and eat amazing food. Some of the moms go to a lot of trouble putting the whole thing together, and I am very thankful for all their hard work because it always turns out wonderful.  For the few of us who live far away from school like I do, we always gather together at the home game tailgates since our families cannot always come see us. However, we never feel lonely because most of the time we are also adopted by other parents on the team which is nice.

Since most of the field hockey teams we play are on the eastern side of Pennsylvania, it is easier for my parents and sister to come to my away games. They only have to end up driving 1-2 hours versus a 5 hour drive to Erie. In addition, my younger sister plays field hockey in high school, so sometimes they go to her games instead. I like that my parents come to away games because I gives me something to look forward to after being stuck on a bus for several hours. If they did not come to any of my games, I would go from mid-August until Thanksgiving break without seeing them once. I miss them when I am at school, so getting to see their faces and hear their voices makes the wait a lot easier.

Pictured above is our loyal fan Teddy.


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