Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Of course at the end of a game, there is a winner and there is a loser like any other competition. There is almost nothing better than when all the hard work you and your team put into the game can translate into a win. Field hockey is truly a team sport because it takes all eleven girls to win. One girl can’t slack off without repercussions. For example, if a forward does not block up and defend a free hit like she is supposed to then the opposing team might get a break away and end up closer to the goal. This is not the position we want to be in because there is a greater chance the other team will score the closer they are to our goal. We want to be the team that has a break away down the field and then proceeds to score a goal.

The best teams to win against are the ones that assumed they were going to easily win the game against us. They underestimate MUFH’s ability and desire to win the game, and they are typically caught off guard by our momentum. Mercyhurst University tends to be an underdog team, and other teams hate losing to us. They also hate having to drive to Erie and deal with our unpredictable weather as well.

One of my favorite things about winning home games is getting to ring the bell. Last season, the president of Mercyhurst University brought back an old rule that required any home team that wins get to ring the bell that is situated in Garvey Park. My teammates and I find it somehow more satisfying being able to ring the bell, and that is maybe because it immediately lets everyone know we won. The bell looks old, but it can still make quite a loud noise.

For away games, winning makes those long miserable bus rides a little more enjoyable. Winning also puts the coaches in a better mood which is understandable. It’s no fun to travel six hours or more to a game only to lose and have to travel six hours back to school. It is considerably more fun to travel six hours and win on the opponent’s home turf.

Winning conference games also gives the chance for the field hockey season to last longer which is good news to people who love to play the sport. I mean if you are having fun winning, might as well keep going, right?


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