Men Play Field Hockey Too

It surprises most Americans, but men can play field hockey too. We even have a US Men’s National team, and we are ranked 27th out of the top 35 countries. Some of the best men’s teams are from Australia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and India to name a few.  Men’s field hockey is more popular overseas compared to the USA. Interestingly enough, the USA men’s team is mostly made up of people from California. There just are not many outlets for men to play field hockey because it is not a very popular sport compared to soccer, football, or baseball. Men are able to play in adult leagues if it is available in their area. Boys who are interested in playing field hockey most likely would have to join a girl’s league unless they live in California. Males are indeed allowed to play on the girls’ field hockey team in high school if they so choose. I have had a couple friends from other high schools that had a male player on their team. It is not unheard of, but opponents tend to complain that the other team has a boy on their team because they say that it gives the other team an advantage. In college, men are not allowed to play on a women’s field hockey team. Field hockey for males is slowly growing popular, so there may one day be more opportunities to play. If that happens, field hockey will be seen as a more universal sport in the US compared to just a girls’ sport like soccer is.

The rules for men’s field hockey do not differ from women’s field hockey, but the men’s game typically has a faster pace compared to women’s. You are still not allowed to push, elbow or fight anyone on the field including the referee even if they are making awful calls. The ball is still not allowed to touch your feet and you can only use the flat side of your stick.

One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram is Real Hockey which posts clips of awesome field hockey clips. Most of them feature male players making crazy, unbelievable plays or shots on goal. It makes me wish I had that kind of talent. I also think it would be beyond amazing to go to Europe and watch a men’s game. It would be interesting to see how different that game would be compared to what I am used to watching.


Team USA Men's Field Hockey Team



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