What Does One Do on a Day Off?

Most of us on the field hockey team live, breath, sleep, and eat field hockey, so when we get a day off once a week, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. The majority of the time, we still go for a run or go up to the field during practice time to hit around and get some extra practice in (as long as football isn’t hogging the field). As a college athlete, I do not know how to still and just enjoy a day off. I feel compelled to do something active; otherwise, I have too much energy when I try to go to bed. Not all of us are like this. I tend to also be an over achiever, so I don’t mind forcing myself to do an extra workout or two. I will run what we call the carwash run. This run consists of running up a huge hill then running on the road for about a mile. You turn around and run back the way you came when you reach the carwash sign hence the name. The entire run ends up being around two miles long. In addition, sometimes I will go up to the field with some teammates to work on individual skill. We work on stuff like stick work, defense drills like one vs. ones, and passing. Plus, it is always fun shooting at the goal without pressure.

The best thing about a day off is not having the pressure to get all of your homework done in a minimal amount of time. You can take your time, and you can even afford to take a long nap beforehand if you so desire. Sometimes instead of taking a nap, I will watch some Netflix. One of my favorite shows to watch is The Office. If you get lucky enough to have no homework on a day off, you get to try and figure out what to do with so much free time. If I happen to find myself in this situation (which hardly ever happens) I love getting to spend time with friends I don’t get to see often. For example, I go to see my friends Janelle and Monique who are from Jamaica. We hangout and catch up on what’s been happening in our lives. Occasionally, I will also go to the mall to play with puppies especially if the week has been a rough one.



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