Field Hockey can be Therapeutic

I love the sport of field hockey. Even on a bad day, I still love field hockey. It gives me something else to think about instead of being stressed about school or life in general. I can come to field hockey practice angry or upset or sad about something and by the end of practice I have completely forgotten why I was upset in the first place.

Last spring semester in 2016, field hockey practice was my saving grace. I took one of my hardest classes which came with a ton of work, and I always had to be working on a term paper for that class. I would spend any free time I had in a classroom researching for my paper, writing my paper, or editing my paper. Field hockey was the only free time I had where I didn’t have to think about schoolwork. In fact, I didn’t really have to think at all; I let my field hockey instincts take over. All I really wanted to do was play field hockey during practice time, and I played well because I did not take time to question myself.

Field hockey can be mentally challenging if you are an over-thinker like me. In my earlier years as a player and even into the beginning of college, I would second guess myself on every play I made. Should I have hit the ball to that space? Should I step up to play defense on this girl? Should I be running back to mark this girl in the circle? Am I in the right position to be helping my teammate? Questions like these would constantly run through my head and caused me to make slow decisions. If you have ever seen a game of field hockey at the division II level, you would understand that the pace of the game is not slow. Having all these questions in my head led me to be a slow decision maker which is not beneficial in field hockey because each question would slow me down as a player. However, during the 2016 spring semester, I would spend most of my brain power on school, so when I finally got to practice, my brain was too tired to think of all the potential mistakes I could have been making. I confidently went with my gut feeling and just trusted that if I was wrong I would be quick enough to fix my mistake. I was just extremely happy to be doing anything but school. If it hadn’t been for field hockey, my head probably would have exploded.



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