Getting to Know Your Teammates

One of the key factors that can make a team successful is a strong team bond. If you have a strong team bond, you are able to trust each other and have the upmost respect for one another. It makes working with one another that much easier. It also helps to have everyone on the same page, and it will show on the field as well as off the field.

There are many ways to go about creating a strong bonded team. At Mercyhurst, we have what we call mandatory fun activities that happen all throughout season. For example, over this fall break we participated in fun activities like carving pumpkins, watching movies together, and going to scary, haunted attractions like the Eriebyss Factory of Terror. Thursday night, the entire team came over to our townhouse to carve pumpkins while watching a Halloween themed movie. Even though having 26 girls in one townhouse doesn’t leave a lot of room to move, it was a lot of fun. We split into different groups and came up with a game plan of how we wanted to carve our pumpkins. Typically, we get super competitive with one another, so we tried to keep our ideas a secret from one another until we finished our pumpkins. Each pod of girls was very creative and every pumpkin looked good which made it hard to pick a favorite.

Another bonding activity we recently participated in was going to the Eriebyss Factory of Terror. Our entire group of 30 people split into groups of approximately eight people. My buddy throughout the whole ghoulish tour was Maeve Magee. We clung to each other for dear life. We led our group through the whole thing which meant we were the first targets to be scared. Half the time we ended up sprinting ahead of our group to escape scary clowns and creepy asylum patients. At one point, I was trying to tie my shoe, and I hadn’t noticed that one clown had followed us along. Luckily Maeve had my back and forced to me to keep moving so we could get away from said creepy clown. By the end of the night, we were drench in sweat from trying to make it out of the haunted factory alive. I think Coach made us do this as a hidden conditioning drill because I definitely got an extra workout in. All in all it was actually quite fun being scared half to death especially when you have a teammate to endure it with you.



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