Fall Break for Fall Athletes

Most student look forward to fall break during fall semester. If you don’t live close to school, it’s your first time to be able to go home and see your family; however, if you play a fall sport this most likely is not the case for you. Typically, fall sports have to stay on campus because we still have practice and a game or two. It’s at least comforting to know you are not the only sports on campus, so you might have other sports games to attend if you get bored or if you have friends on other fall teams.

For field hockey, we are never bored during fall break. Coach hands us a schedule for break each year about a day or two before break officially begins. This schedule has varied from year to year, but basically it consists of practice, planned meals, and mandatory fun activities plus a few hours here and there thrown in to do homework. It is hard to be motivated to get work when all you want to do is catch up on your Netflix shows especially when you know you are on break and no one is on campus. It always feels like you have more time than you think, but come every Sunday I ended up spending all day doing the homework I should have been doing earlier. Oh well, I’m not perfect and it feels great to do almost nothing once in a while. Plus, I get to sleep without setting an alarm for a day or two. On the other days, we might have practice at 10 a.m. which isn’t terrible because I still at least get to sleep until 9 a.m. After a morning or afternoon practice, we have mandatory team lunch or dinner, and then off to do the mandatory fun activity. These activities can include a wide array of different events, but we do all of these as a team. In past years, we have gone to see a movie in the theaters, participated in a corn maze, ran through haunted attractions (let’s be real who calmly walks through those?), gone to a teammate’s house to watch a movie, and gone to football games. Afterward, most of us go right to bed because tiring to have to a busy day even if you spent of that day doing nothing. Then before you know it, people come back to campus and fall break is over.



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