When Your Sister Becomes Your Teammate

In my family, I am the oldest child, so for me I’ve been the first child to do a lot of things. I was the first to get my ears pierced, the first to get a cell phone, the first to become a teenager, the first to learn how to drive, the first to leave for college, and so on and so forth. As my dad jokingly says, I was the test baby. I have two younger sisters; Paige is eighteen months younger than me while Tori is five years younger than me. Interestingly enough, we all play field hockey. I am very close with both sisters, so leaving for college made me sad (and not only because it meant that had I lost two other closets).

However, I did not have to be sad for long. Paige quickly decided to follow in my footsteps. After looking at many different schools, she chose to go to Mercyhurst University too. At first, I refused to give my opinion on whether or not I thought she should come to my school. I did not want her to come here because I said she should. I wanted her to do her own thing, and I was afraid she was just following me to Mercyhurst because she did not know what college to pick. In the end, I am very glad she picked the same school, and she assured me later that she made the decision on her own.

I love having Paige at the same school because whenever I get homesick I can go hang out with her. It also makes life easier for my parents because they never had to pick and choose what games to go to among three daughters. They really only had to pick between Tori or Paige and me.

Actually playing field hockey with Paige was not new to me. In the past, we had played on the same high school team and on the same club team. We also don’t really play the same position, so we were never really competing against one another for the same spot. She was always defense while I was offense which was nice because both of us like having the other one to play against. I know I always have a buddy that is willing to go to a turf field and hit a ball around with me. Thank you for choosing Mercyhurst University, Paige!



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