Where Does Time Go?

One of the most valuable skills I have learned while playing field hockey in college is how to wisely manage my time. It can be a tough skill to learn, especially when you are truly on your own for the first time. Your parents are not breathing down your back to make sure you are doing your homework. As for myself, I have always been a great student. All throughout my grade schools years, I was always that kid that every other kid despised. I would hardly study for tests, but it was easy for me to get an A. However, when I got to college it was quite a different story. I could no longer get away with putting minimal effort into my studies. I had to make time to study and write paper after paper. Coach Gaudette helped to make sure we were getting some study time in because she forced all freshmen to attend study hall at least four times a week fall semester. Study hall was annoying to go to because you had to go even if you did not have work to do that day. Sometimes, it was more distracting because everyone wanted to talk to each other instead of do work. In the end, it was worth it because I got a high enough GPA where I was allowed to miss two study halls a week spring semester.

Also, I learned how to effectively study on the bus even though most of the time I would have rather slept. It is not easy to study for an accounting test when first of all I did not have any space to spread my notes out. Secondly, we always have a movie playing on the bus, so I had to learn how to tune that background noise out. I mostly accomplished this task by investing in a pair of beats. Sometimes, I would listen to music, but most times I used them to block out other sounds instead. In hindsight, I probably could have done just as well buying earplugs, but it’s a little too late now. Most times, we do not have a lot of down time at hotels, so I typically end up sleeping when we reach our destination. I have tended to use Sunday as a homework catch up day. If I do not have any homework to catch up on (which never happens) then I get to relax and sleep. Somehow there never seems to be enough time, but in the end I always get what I need to done.


It’s always nice to have a study buddy.


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