Finding a New Family

Going away to college for the first time is downright scary for some students, but for others it can be quite liberating. For the first time in your life, your parents are not there to make sure you are being responsible. They can still try to make sure you don’t do stupid stuff by constantly blowing up your phone, but ultimately they can’t control you anymore.

For me, leaving home was scary and exciting all at once. While I loved my family and did not want to be that far away from them, I also wanted to experience living on my own. However, when arrived on campus in early August, I soon discovered that ultimately I had joined another family. Suddenly as a freshman at Mercyhurst, I was surrounded by twenty-three new sisters. As a senior now, I’ve gained many more sisters every season since then. Having a great group of girls that automatically made me feel at home and who wanted to be my friend made my transition to college so much easier. They were able to help me keep my mind off of missing my family. And I knew if I ever needed someone to talk to or someone to take me somewhere these girls had my back.

There were even new family rules to abide by known as the “Unwritten Rules”. Some were easier to adjust to compared to others. For example, the rule stating that one must not get blood or puke on their uniform was easier to follow. In contrast, I had more trouble following the rule stating that one must be 15 minutes early to every meeting, practice, or any kind of field hockey related activity because in my other family we were always late. As a result of this last rule, I have now become anxious if I am not 15 minutes early to every meeting I have, and it does not matter if my meeting is field hockey related or not.

If the rules are not followed, there are very real consequences. The punishment is dependent upon the rule broken and whether or not the rule breaker is a repeat offender. Team punishments are the worst because you may not have been directly involved in what happened, but you still get punished. These types of punishments have taught me to keep my teammates accountable and to watch out for one another. All in all, I’m so thankful for each and every one of my MUFH sisters!



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