Becoming a College Athlete

In order to become a college athlete, you have to be willing to put in some hard work. I did not wake up one day my senior of high school and decide, “ Hey , I want to play field hockey in college,”. I had made that decision a long time before senior year.

Ever since I was little, my mother made sure I knew that I was going to college. She engrained that idea into me by repeatedly telling me how beneficial and fun college is. She also emphasized that she did not care where I went; I just needed to go somewhere. Then came the day I picked up a field hockey stick and fell in love with the sport. I grew to greatly love the game because it pushed and challenged me to grow. As a freshman in high school, I knew that I did not want my field hockey career to end after I graduated. When field hockey season ended that fall, I was immediately looking for ways I could continue to play in the off season. In previous years, I had joined an indoor league; however, this league was not very competitive. I wanted to go somewhere that I could better my knowledge of the sport while also becoming a better skilled player. My teammate encouraged me to join her field hockey club. Little did I know, that was one of the best decisions of my life. I got to better myself as a field hockey player by learning from some of the best coaches around the world. None of them were from America; they were from faraway places like Spain, Germany, Scotland, Egypt and the Netherlands. In addition, I even got to meet girls I competed against in high school as I grew in my skill and knowledge of the game.

However, hard work did not only mean I needed the skill to play division I, II, or III field hockey, but that I also needed to make an effort to reach out to many different colleges coaches. I wanted to be recruited and given a scholarship to play the sport I loved. So, on top of doing my homework I had to craft carefully worded emails to many different coaches to convince them that I was worth their time and that they wanted me on their team. Low and behold, I had a couple coaches who were interested in me. I got to do overnights with their different teams, but my favorite team ended up being the farthest one away from my hometown. And that is how I ended up at Mercyhurst University.

Me in high school vs. Me in college.


P.S. if you would like to know more about the Mercyhurst Lakers please visit their website for more information.


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